Personal History

Personal History

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Name in Full: Chen Ai fei

Date of Birth: Feb16, 1978

Permanent Address: No.2 XiXia Road, Song Qiao

Telephone: 63770077

Hobbies and Interests: Travel Reading History Science Music Painting Architecture


July, 1991 Graduated from Song Qiao Primary School

July, 1994 Graduated from Song Qiao Primary School

July, 1997 Graduated from No.3 Junior High School of PingYang

September, 1997 Entered WenZhou Teachers College

Work Experience:

Since September 2009 Employed as an English teacher by No.2 Primary School of Kun Yang

Awards and Punishment :

Awards: Won scholarships every year in college.

Passed the TEP Band 4

Punishment: None

I affirm that the above statements are true and correct in every respect .

December 17, 2009.
Personal History
,Personal History

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