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A: Hello! Can I help you?

  B: Yes, I want a sweater for my daughter, please.

  A: How about this one?

  B: Oh, good. The size is OK.

  C: Mum, I dont like the colour.

  A: Do you like this purple one?

  C: Cool! Thats my favourite colour.

  B: How much is it?

  A: Sixty-eight yuan.

  B: Heres the money.

  A: Thanks.

  size 尺寸;大小

  purple 紫色的

  cool 棒的


  1. 能听懂、会说本篇对话;

  2. 能运用会话中的句型进行扩展性的情景会话;

  3. 能听懂、会说新单词:purple, size, cool。








  Step 1. Greetings

  T: Good morning, boys and girls. glad to meet you.

  Step 2. Presentation

  (1) Lead-in

  T: You know, Im new here. I thought it would be hot in Zhuha.But today it is cold. Im just in a blouse.

  Now Im feeling a little cold. So I want to go shopping and buy some warm clothes. (Read the title "shiopping".)

  (2) Play a guessing game (课件:显示屏上出现一些碎片,碎片慢慢扩大,变成一件毛衣)

  T: What am I going to buy? What do I want? Just guess and say: "YOu want ..."


  T= the teacher C= the computer Ss= the students

  C: Can I help you?

  (Learn to say:"Can I helpyou?")

  T: I want a sweater, sir.

  C: How about this one? (课件:售货员拿出一件很大的毛衣。)

  T: I think its too big.

  C: How about this one? (课件:售货员拿出一件很小的毛衣。)

  T:How about this one? What do you think?

  Ss:Its too small.

  C: How about this one? (课件:售货员拿出一件对教师来说大小合适的毛衣。)

  (Learn to say:"How about...?")

  T: I think the size is OK. Do you think so?


  (Learn to say:"size".)

  (Read after the teacher:"The size is OK.")

  T: The size is OK, sir. but I dont like this colour.

  C: Whats your favourite colour?

  T: Whats my favourite colour is ...(课件:毛衣随着学生的回答变换颜色,并由此引出新授单词"purple"。)

  (Learn to say:"purple".)

  T: (take out a purple sweater)I like this purple sweater.


  (4) Play a game: Guess the price of the sweater.

  Ss: How much is it?

  S1 : ...yuan.

  (If the price S1 guess is too low, the teacher will say:"Up, up, up."; if too high, the teacher will say: Down, down,

  down." Each students has three chances to guess.)

  After the students guess the price right, the teacher puts on the purple sweater and asks the students "Am I cool?"

  (Leatn to say:"Cool".)

  Step 3. Practice

  (1)Listen to the dialogue.

  T: What have you heard in the dialogue?

  (2)Listen to the dialogue and repeat it sentence by sentence.

  (3)Pratice in groups of three.

  Step 4 Consolidation

  (1)Divide all the students into 5 groups: stationers, toy shop, clothes shop, fruit shop and food shop. Put some goods in each

  shop. Get the students to do the shopping in groups. (每组由一名学生当售货员,其它学生充当顾客。)

  (2)Ask the students to go to different shops and buy different things. (把全班分成五个组,即五个“商店”,顾客可以到任



  Step 5 Ending

  The students sing a song "Good-bye."




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