Unit 4 My body

Unit 4 My body

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Language focus:

Using nouns to identify parts of body


Using pronouns to refer to particular things .

e.g.This is my hand.

Using imperatives to catch people’s attention.

e.g. Look!

Using possessive adjectives to express possession

e.g. This is my arm.

Using imperatives to give simple instructions.

e.g. Wave your hand. Touch your nose.

Language skills:


Locate specific information in response to simple instructions.

Indentify key words in an utterance by recognizing stress.


Prounce words properly.

Use modelled phrases to communicate with other learners.


Student’s Book 1A Pages 17-19

Cassette 1A

Cassette player

Workbook 13

Some pictures

Teathing method: 交际法,全身动作反应法,演示法.

Teathing Procedure:

Pre-task preparation

1.Revise the classroom instruction language students have learnt,e.g: Stand up, please. Give me... Raise your hand. Put it down, etc. Ask the students to listen and act.

2.Greetings with boys ang girls,e.g.:What do you like? Do you have a...? How old are you?Then sing a song:Read,read,I can read...Ask the weather of today,get the ss to draw on the board.Teather draws an eye on the sun’s face,invite one student to finish drawing(the other eye),teach the word—eye.

3.Draw a boy and a girl(not finshed),ask: What’s missing? Teach the words—mouth, nose,ear in the same way. Get the ss to do the actions like these: Open /Close your mouth /eye.(朗读时声音起伏变化,由低到高,或听掌声的次数朗读单词.)

4.Have a match between boys and girls----Listen and touch the word. Put the boy and girl’s pictures on the Bb,get the ss to listen to the commands and touch the pictures.If any of them wins, he/she can get a red star,e.g.: T: Eye!/Mouth!/Ear!/Nose!

While-task procedure

1.Ss do the actions after the tescher: Touch your ear/nosr/mouth/hand! Teach the word—hand,ask: How many hands are there? One hand, two hands. Review –Raise your hand, Teach –Wave your hand,explain the meaning of the expression in English(Good-bye).

2.Teach the words –arm/toe in the same way . Ask :How many arms/toes are there? Get the ss tocount them. Ss look at the Bb,listen and repeat the seven new words.

3.Play the tape for the ss to listen and do the actions for twice.(注:《灵通少儿英语》中富有节奏chant激发了学生很强的表演欲,使学生在欢乐中体验英语的趣味与巩固新

知识 )

5.Work in pairs. Ask the ss to do the actions in pairs. One student give a command, the other student does the action, then change the roles. Finally, get some individual ss to order in the front.Play the tape for the ss to listen and repeat.

Post-task activities

1.Teacher points to her nose and says---Look! This is my nose ./ Look ! This is my eye /toe/hand! Ask the ss read togdther when they do the actions.Pay attention to pointing their body first when they say.

2.Work in pairs for some minutes. Then ask individual ss to show in the front.


Workbook page 13: Listen and draw the part of the body.

Draw the missing parts on the face, then ask them to talk about it< I draw ...>

Homework: Listen and repeat Unit 4 on pages 17-19


Unit 4 My body

hand arm toe

eye ear mouth


Unit 4 My body
,Unit 4 My body
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