Unit 5 Fruit6

Unit 5 Fruit6

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Language focus:

Using nouns to identify objects e.g.apple,pear.

Asking yes/no questions to obtain simple responses e.g.Is this an apple?

Using formulaic expressions to confirm or deny e.g.Yes,it is. /No, it is not!

Language skills:

Listening: Identify key words in an utterance by recognizing stress.

Speaking: Pronounce words properly

Use modelled phrases to open and maintain an interaction by providing information in response to factual questions

Use modelled phrases to communicate with other learners.

Materials: Student’s Book 1A

Cassette player

Workbook 1A

Word and picture cards

Pre-task preparation:

Greeting and Warm up: Hello! How are you? Nice to meet you!

Listen and do

Sing an apple song

Draw an apple on the Bb, then ask ‘What’s this?’ Show the word card and stick it onto the correct place.

Draw a pear on the Bb, then ask ‘Is this an apple?’ Lead Ss to answer ‘No, it isn’t .’Repeat. ‘What’s this?’ ‘It’s a pear.’ Then show the word card.

Draw an orange on the Bb.Ask ‘Is this a pear?’ Lead Ss to answer ‘No, it isn’t.’ It’s an orange.’ Show and stick the word card.

Draw a banana on the Bb. Ask ‘Is this an orange?’ ‘No, it isn’t. ‘It’s a banana.’ Show and stick the word card. Read it.

Read all the words

Ask and answer : Is this ? No, it isn’t.

Ask ‘Is this an apple?’ by pointing to the drawing. Lead Ss to answer ‘Yes, it is.’ Show the sentence card and stick onto the Bb .Repear 7 with other three fruit names.

While-task procedure:

1. Clear the drawings one by one. Ask students to identify each word by looking at word cards.

2. Show fruit pictures by asking ‘Is this ?’ Then stick them onto the Bb.

3. Put up the picture and word cards in random order. Ask individual students to come up and re-arrange them.

Post –task activities:

1. Divide the class into groups. Each group’s name is the name of a fruit. When you say a fruit, the whole group has to stand up. Then let them listen and do.e.g.apple, touch you eye,etc.

2. Play a game: Turn around and close my eyes. Choose one student from each group. Let him/her point to one fruit . Guess, ‘Is this an apple?’ Let Ss answer ‘Yes, it is .’/ No, it isn’t.’

3. Show some real fruit . Ask and answer. Play the second game: Put fruit into a box one by one. Let Ss guess using the sentence ‘Is this ?’ Everyone has two chance .If he/she is right, he/she will be given the fruit.


Do exercises by speaking out the answer:

Draw a line to match the word to it’s picture.

Put a tick in the correct box.

1. Homework : Read the words.

Blackboard design:

Unit 5 Fruit

Apple pear orange banana

Is this an apple?

Yes, it is .

No, it isn’t.


Unit 5 Fruit
,Unit 5 Fruit6
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